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Please note

*New clients* 
Consultation must be scheduled before booking Cleaning or Moving services!! 

Health matters 
 We ask that you notify our office by 7:30 am on the day of service if you or anyone in your family is sick or has a contagious illness so that we can take precautions or choose to re-schedule your cleaning. We will also never send one of our team members into your home if we know that they are ill. We need to have access to every area of your home that we will be cleaning. In doing so, we need to work freely and without distractions. Excessive talking (beyond cleaning instructions) prevents us from being 100% focused. Every effort is made to work safely and cautiously and we cannot assume liability for injury to others. We kindly ask that you, your children, and pets remain out of the rooms that we are cleaning to prevent safety hazards (contact with cleaning products, tripping over buckets, caddies, vacuum cords, etc.

Damage policy 
She Maid Me Cleann is fully licensed and insured. Accidents do happen and some could be prevented. Items should be removed from curio cabinets, buffet tables, entertainment centers, etc. before the cleaner arrives if you know the area will be dusted the day of cleaning. Those items will not be refunded. If you would like your hardwood floors cleaned and waxed a consultation must be scheduled before booking the service. After all, cleanings, if the owner is present he/she will be asked to do a last walk-through to make sure everything is cleaned to his/her needs. If the cleaner misses something it will be fixed immediately!! 
If you have any questions or concerns about our policy please contact our office manager  Rhonda Scott @ (864) 205-9868              Thanks, 
She Maid Me Cleann, LLC